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Fostering a Dog Saves Lives


A Hero

BarkVille fosters play a vital role in a homeless dogs’ transformative journey out of a kill shelter into their furever home. We need you to help us save more lives. 


Foster families provide security, care, and love in a home environment which helps BarkVille better understand the dogs’ needs and behaviors so potential adopters can determine which dog is a good fit for the family.


Often, the dogs you help save have suffered either from neglect, abuse, and/or severe trauma. With your loving care, you give them the chance they need to live the wonderful life they deserve.  


We understand this is a big decision. We are available to answer your questions and connect you with a current foster to gain a better understanding of the process. Thank you for considering becoming a foster hero to one (or more) of our dogs.

A Look Inside

Hear about what it is like to foster a dog from some of our fabulous foster heros. 

Foster HeroEs Role

Taking on the responsibility of a foster dog can and does bring a wide range of emotions and some challenges. The resulting joy of saving a life is well worth it! When your dog overcomes any obstacles and you see them thrive in their forever home, it will fill your heart  in ways that are hard to imagine! You made it possible for them to not only live, but live a life they deserve, you are a hero.

Dog Fostering and Care

 Basic Care

Feed, walk, and love your foster dog. Be patient and know that accidents may happen as your foster dog acclimates to their new environment. Give monthly heartworm and flea prevention medicine, which is provided by BarkVille.

Provide housebreaking and crate training, if necessary. Work with your foster dog to learn basic commands such as sit, stay, down, etc. 



Provide exercise and mental stimulation through walking, running, and toys. This will challenge your dog and drain their energy levels.

Behavior Feedback

Be aware of and help assess your dogs’ temperament around children, adults, dogs, cats, and others. Share any behavioral concerns with BarkVille Dog Rescue. 


Attend as many of our adoption events as you can. Events are on weekends throughout the Atlanta area and a great way to expose your foster dog to potential adopters and meet other fosters.

Promote Your Foster

Help promote your dog on social media, to family, friends, and co-workers. We will also ask that you speak with or meet up with a potential adopter. Your feedback is valuable as we consider which family is best for your foster.

Foster Application

The first step in becoming a member of Foster Heros is to complete our Foster Application. Thank you for helping us save more lives. 

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