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In August, 2017 a Polk County man was arrested and charged with 214 counts of dog fighting and animal cruelty for starving, abusing, and abandoning nearly 100 dogs in the north GA woods.


Upon hearing the news that Polk County Animal Control desperately needed help dealing with the overwhelming number of dogs brought into their tiny shelter, BarkVille organized a team of volunteers to bathe, clean ears, trim nails, walk, photograph, and assess the dogs needs. We took several of these dogs into our own BarkVille family. 


Meet Dani... After being starved and chained to a tree for all of her young life, Dani was terrified, traumatized and unsure of the world around her when she came to BarkVille Dog Rescue.  She was so untrusting of people that she would turn the other way when being offered treats.


We placed Dani in an amazing foster home and never gave up hope that after several months of gentle, patient, loving care, she would begin to thrive.  She learned to give kisses, love other dogs, walk on a leash, and embrace affection from humans.  She was adopted by her foster family and today she is living the life she deserves!

Read more about the Polk County Case here -

Polk County Dog Fighting Case

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