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Some of the most genuine and compassionate thoughts come from the hearts and minds of children.

Hazel, age 7, has been actively involved in BarkVille Dog Rescue by attending events with her mom and helping foster dogs at home.  As part of a school assignment, Hazel drew a picture with a simple message which read, “A person and a dog can do anything.”  When Hazel’s mom shared the picture and message with our group, we immediately knew that Hazel's design needed to be on a T-shirt so we decided to turn it into a fundraiser!

Within 10 days, we exceeded our initial goal to sell 75 T-shirts and the demand was so strong– we extended the selling period. 

Within a few short weeks, BarkVille sold 141 of Hazel's original design T-Shirts, raising over $750 for the rescue. These T-Shirts are now worn by volunteers & supporters and continue to help generate interest in our rescue & mission.

To celebrate the success of this fundraiser, our group honored Hazel with a cookie cake that featured her design to let her know how much she is appreciated by us and the dogs.  WAY TO GO HAZEL! We can’t thank you enough for your creativity and your dedication to our BarkVille dogs!

7 Year Old Hazel Designs T-Shirt for Fundraiser!

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