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How Does

BarkVille Do It?

BarkVille has a large network of shelter partners and animal advocates who contact us daily with requests to save dogs in need.  The vast majority of requests are for dogs who are scheduled to be euthanized, but often times the requests are to assist dogs with severe medical needs who are in pain and need veterinary care to survive.  We would save them all if we could, but in order to rescue a dog, we need funds to provide the necessary vet care, and we need fosters to care for the dogs until they can ultimately be placed in their forever homes.


Our cost to provide basic veterinary care to a dog is about $300 and covers all necessary vaccines, spay/neuter and microchip.  If the dog tests positive for Heartworm disease (as many of our GA stray dogs do), the additional cost to treat heartworms is approximately $500-$600.  For dogs with injuries requiring specialized treatment and/or surgery, costs can easily increase into the thousands.


When BarkVille becomes aware of a dog in need, we immediately get to work posting the dog on our social media platforms and networking with our internet friends & partners to make people aware of the dog’s situation.  We raise funds and solicit for fosters, and once we have both, we transport the dog to one our partner vets as quickly as possible. 

Our dogs get fully vetted, placed in their foster homes, and then we ensure they get the exposure they need on PetFinder, other social media platforms, and at weekly adoption events, to find the best possible forever home for every BarkVille dog.

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