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Who We Are

BarkVille Dog Rescue is a non-breed specific rescue and we save dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Our goal is to save dogs that are in the most need of our assistance including older dogs, medically challenged dogs, and Pit Bull Terrier type dogs.

What We Do

All new dogs in our care are spayed, neutered,  vaccinated, microchipped and receive all needed veterinary care. Next, they are placed in nurturing foster homes while they await placement into their permanent home. Our group remains interested in and committed to the welfare of the dogs beyond the adoption process.

How We Do It

When BarkVille becomes aware of a dog in need, we immediately get to work posting the dog on our social media platforms and networking with our internet friends & partners to make people aware of the dog’s situation.  We raise funds and solicit for fosters, and once we have both, we transport the dog to one our partner vets as quickly as possible. 

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