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Staffy / Terrier Mix






Roswell, GA








Darla is a gorgeous, intelligent Staffy/Retriever mix who is 3 years old and weighs 45 lbs. She is a playful, sweet, friendly girl who came to BarkVille after a good samaritan found Darla & her 4 puppies abandoned in the woods. Darla can coexist around other dogs from a distance on walks and in public, but she prefers to be your one & only so she's looking for an only dog home. She has been professionally trained and knows many commands such as sit, down, heel, off, leave it, drop, come, wait, etc. She is a medium energy girl with awesome leash manners who walks right beside her person until you give her the "free" command to sniff around. She has a lifetime of advanced training touch up sessions with Rucker Dog Training in GA so potential adopters should be willing to continue that advanced training. She loves to "work" so she needs a person/family committed to working & exercising her daily. She's looking for a home where she can enjoy outside activities and accompany her people on their daily adventures. She thrives in a structured environment, loves having a daily routine, and will be a loyal, devoted companion for the adopter who recognizes her intelligence and will commit to giving her what she needs to live her best life. She loves to act silly, run, jump and roll around on the floor with her people, and will happily place her ball in your lap to entice you to play with her! She is very obedient and enjoys having a leader. She is eager to please, loves learning new things, and regulates her energy between active or calm as appropriate to her surroundings. She's looking for a family who will appreciate her skills, give her lots of lovin' and will spend time bonding with her. Her foster family describes her as a sweet, affectionate, incredible girl who loves her people, loves to be beside them often, and likes to have her paw or some part of her touching them when she's resting. She will joyfully crawl into your lap for a snooze if you'll let her. She is housebroken, spayed, fully vaccinated & microchipped. She is fully crate trained, sleeps in her crate all night with no issues, and is very content being in her crate during the day if needed.

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