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Trisha is a beautiful, submissive Lab/Staffy mix who is about 15 months old and weighs 50 lbs. She came to BarkVille in very rough shape with her body covered in bite marks, open cuts, and scabs. She was frightened of people & loud noises, but BarkVille placed her in a wonderful foster home with an experienced family that included kids, cats & other dogs. Trisha was thriving under their care, but due to tragic family circumstances she & the other family dogs were placed in boarding when their dad died. Trisha is cautious & shy around new people, but she is very sweet and friendly. She loved the other dogs in her foster home and took her cues from them to learn how to behave both inside & outside the house. She is a medium energy girl who loves to run & wrestle with other dogs. She has good leash manners and enjoys taking daily walks. She is very treat driven and will obey any command for a treat. She is a gentle & kind girl with a humongous head, a pot belly, and what her foster mom called a "cartoon smile!" She has stubby little legs on her big girl frame and is so awkward & clumsy that her foster mom said when she tries to jump on the furniture she misses about 80% of the time! Her tail wags 100mph, but she may run away if it hits anything and spooks her! She is looking for a home with a fenced yard, another happy, well-adjusted, playful dog, and possibly a doggy door where she can bask in the sun at her leisure and spend hours outdoors if she chooses. She'll need a family who is patient and will speak gently to her so she feels safe & loved. Although she is still timid, she is extremely affectionate, enjoys being hugged, likes snuggling closely with her people & canine companions, and joyfully gives kisses once she knows you're her friend. She is housebroken, crate trained, spayed, fully vaccinated & microchipped.

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