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Hi friends! My name is Rock and I want to introduce myself and my lady, Pepper! I’m the handsome yellow & cream Husky/Chow mix, and Pepper is the beautiful, tall fawn colored Lab/Hound mix with the black markings on her back! We can’t imagine our lives without one another so we are really hoping to find a forever home together! Adopting one dog is pretty cool, but adopting TWO dogs that are already a bonded pair has a lot of amazing benefits! For starters, we keep each other company when you are at work and we can play together without you ever having to worry about us. Pepper & I lived together on the streets of ATL for a long time before we were rescued. We were always there for each other and helped each other survive, so our bond is very tight. A few homeless guys who lived in our area did their best to keep us fed, but we were emaciated, infested with heartworms & fleas, and I was scared to be touched. At 8 years old, I’m a about a year older than my lady, but she definitely keeps me young! I'm a low to medium energy guy who enjoys romping around a fenced yard chasing my tennis ball a few times a day. I love to go for walks, but if you're looking for a jogging buddy, Pepper is probably your girl. We are both gentle, affectionate dogs who sit calmly waiting for treats and love nothing more than giving kisses to our humans. We are housebroken & crate trained, and we are GREAT with kids! We LOVE little people! Little animals, however, are a definite no! Pepper likes to keep the yard free of small rodents & cats, and I follow her lead because I just lover her so! And by the way, we both love our people as much as we love each other! And if you ever want to take a family road trip ... We're IN ... We LOVE car rides! Pepper & I have been waiting a long time for a forever family of our own. It's been hard because most people want one of us, but not the other. Won’t you please consider adopting THE BEST DUO EVER?? We are really hoping that 2019 is going to be our year!

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