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Rawley is a gorgeous & playful Bulldog mix who is 6 years old and weighs 65 lbs. He is a social, comical, rugged boy who walks well on a leash, loves going for car rides, and enjoys being the center of the universe for all those around him to admire! Rawley is ALL Bulldog and learns most of his lessons the hard way which is why he is currently in boarding and in need of an immediate foster or adopter! He does not like being told what to do and will challenge authority before he submits. He can be vocal, bossy, & mouthy at times so he’s looking for an experienced foster/adopter who can appreciate his unique bulldog mentality, manage his playful/brute strength, and not be intimidated by his belligerent behavior & posturing. He needs an active person/family who will exercise him hard for the short spurts of time he can tolerate and then enjoy the hours of laziness & couch cuddling he'll require! Rawley likes kids and tolerates them well, but they'll need to be strong & sturdy & over 11 years old if you're bringing Rawley into your home. He is fine with other dogs & some cats, but he is ideal as an only pet because he likes all the attention to be on him. He is housebroken, neutered, fully vaccinated & microchipped. He has been crate trained, but is not a huge fan of the crate. If you’re looking for a big, bold, constant companion who will keep a smile on your face while you tend to his every need, please consider helping Rawley get his big ole butt out of boarding! We’ve got a trainer who worked with him recently and says Rawley is all bluff, responds well to proper correction, and has an amazing off switch when he knows you mean business. She will continue to work with anyone who’d like to foster/adopt Rawley at no charge, but we need to get him out of boarding and into a safe & stable home to ensure his training is consistent & ultimately successful.

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