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Miley is a gorgeous, affectionate pure American Staffy (100% per DNA testing) who is 2 years old and weighs 50 lbs. She is a sweet young dog who sadly, started her life in a home where she was neglected and severely injured by other dogs. As a result, we believe that Miley needs to be in a home with no other pets. Her previous owners were prosecuted for animal cruelty and Miley (considered evidence in the court case) sat in animal control for months while the case was ongoing. Eventually, the case was concluded, Miley was free, and BarkVille was able to place her in a wonderful foster home! Here's what Miley's foster mom says about her ...

"Miley is extremely obedient - she does everything we ask her to do. Sit, stay, we can tell her to go to the office and she immediately complies. It’s clearly evident that she responded well to the professional training that BarkVille provided when she was released from Animal Control. She loves her crate and goes into it on her own at bedtime. Miley loves her humans! She prefers to be laying right beside her people on her bed. She lays on her bed in our home office from 9am-3pm while we work and does not move except for water. She is really a dream dog! She is by far the easiest dog we have ever had (including our own dogs). She sleeps 99% of the time and doesn't seem to care about going on walks. She is absolutely no trouble at all and sometimes we forget she’s even here! She would be great for senior adopters or families with kids because she is very low-key. Miley loves playing with our dogs on our walks and other dogs on hikes. We agree that she needs to be an “only dog” because if she was attacked by another dog in her home, she would fight back so it's important that she can relax in a dog-free home without fear of having to defend herself. BUT we want potential adopters to know that when Miley feels safe with her owners and has structure & leadership in her daily life, she is fine with other dogs in public. She has shown absolutely no signs of aggression with our 4 dogs and acts more like a senior dog who is extremely submissive. Overall, Miley is low-key, low maintenance, and could be great for apartment living as well because she doesn’t care about running and playing. She is a very easy keeper and I can’t think of a single thing she needs to work on. She is ideal for someone who is just looking for a companion dog who is already trained to sit by their side all day!"

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