English Bulldog






Roswell, GA







"Hi my name is Charley and I am about 5 years old, weigh 65 lbs and am a real English Bulldog with all that comes with it! I am cute as a button & look innocent, but I am used to having my people trained in a certain way. I tell them when to get out, eat & sleep, just to name a few. I am a loudmouth, I like to bully my fellow canines, and I love to chase the cats a bit (I just love to boss them around). I also have something that’s called selective hearing. I can hear just fine, but why ??? I like to push it so that just when it turns bad, I can turn around and be the angel people see when they first meet me! Being a white bulldog comes with some issues. My skin was really infected when I first came to BarkVille, but now I'm on pills so that’s gone. However, I do need some drops in my eyes every day for dry eyes. I go into my crate when there is food in it, but that's the only way you'll get me into that trap! My human thinks I'm chubby, but I am supposed to be this way, so I won't be goin' on any diets ... Period. I am currently getting heartworm treatment, but one more shot and my treatment will be done so my heartworms will be gone! I still need to get spayed (had to wait to after my HW treatment), but I'm housebroken, fully vaccinated, & microchipped. Let me know if you want to meet me ... I'll think about it and let you know what I decide ... just so you know, I like Cheeseburgers (hint, hint, I am totally bribable ... just sayin')!

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