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Say hello to Amelia (Mia for short). Named after the infamous Amelia Earhart because this little girl has been on quite a journey!

Amelia first came to BarkVille when she was discovered alone & pregnant. She gave birth to three beautiful puppies and they all have since found their forever homes. So mom, not much older than a puppy herself at 2-3 years, is now looking for her forever home too!

Amelia is a little shy at first, but once she warms up to you (and this doesn’t take long), she LOVES to snuggle! She will climb in your lap and push up against you. Amelia is not only very affectionate, but she is also playful. We think she lost out on her puppyhood so now she is making up for lost time. She adores her toys and will gleefully toss them in the air. Amelia is also good with children, but given her fun energy levels we recommend older children. Amelia gets along with other dogs but, again, can be overwhelming so no senior dogs. Cats are unknown, but given her love of toys we think she would probably do better in a home without.

Amelia is learning fast! She has already mastered some basic commands like sit & drop it, and she is making huge strides with her house training too! She is currently a bit underweight at 50 lbs, but she'll give you no complaints as you help her bulk up to her goal weight of 60 lbs!

Please consider this gorgeous, fun Boxer girl for your family! We guarantee that you will not stop laughing at all her antics!

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